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Appreciate you being patient. We have been working tirelessly to get these packages together. There are numerous variables and elements to this trip that we need to be wary of before we release. We will have them out today, but it may be closer to 8 PM.

If I could ask all of you to do me a favor?? For the time being, and the rest of today, please only call the office if there is some type of emergency. Stef is getting buried with calls right now and she needs to be available to help get these packages together. She will be bright-eyed and ready to go tomorrow at 8 AM.

Appreciate it...I'm sure you waiting to hear numbers. They are pretty much on par with everything we discussed before.  The JW Marriott and LeRelais La Borie in Buzios will cost a little more, but not by as much as you may think, and for the price, the upgrade is WELL worth it. 

And by the way, the trip that we have put together for you guys is nothing short of RIDICULOUS!! This is the way you do Brazil!  


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