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Hello everyone and greetings from Buzios!  If you're on social media besides our FB page, which is still hacked, you'd see I've been here for 4 days already with another 4 to go.  If you haven't seen some of the videos, you can see it on my personal FB at "Craig Quimby Chenosky."  Some cool stuff to be seen there.

I know some of you put deposits down almost 2 weeks ago.  There's just a few more budget items we are waiting to receive quotes on in addition to accommodations here in Buzios.  We fully expect to release packages to YOU, our early-birds, on Monday.  We are taking our time with this and are making sure the packages are what you want before we release.  I appreciate your patience.  Don't worry, their going to be incredible!

With that being said, I'd like to take a preliminary survey for those interested in BUZIOS ONLY!  So everyone knows, our pricing is looking pretty excellent.  If we get our remaining quotes at the numbers we want, we should be able to keep 6-night packages with São Paulo and Rio under $4,700-$4,900.  Buzios looks like around $5,500-5,700.  We're pushing hard down here and most of Brazil really wants our business so they are playing ball.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A BUZIOS PACKAGE THAT INCLUDES 9-NIGHTS (3, 3, and 3, and one that might be 2-nights in Sao, 3 Rio, and 4 Buzios, PLEASE EMAIL STEF AT STEF@GREENLEGION.COM.  Don't flood her with questions right now please.  She isn't up to speed on everything down here yet.  I'll answer most of your questions when we release.

Thank you and keep checking my page for more videos!!



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