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This email is going out to EVERYONE so some info may apply and some may not but EVERYONE must read this first part.

HAD A SMALL, BUT STILL AN INCIDENT, LAST NIGHT AT THE PEP RALLY PARTY.  For 99% of you, what I say next will have no application and never will.  For the 1%, you need to understand a few things IMMEDIATELY:

* I have spent 20 years trying to change the reputation of Philly sports fans in the eyes of the general public.  ESPN has never covered us because I told them until they stop talking about Santa, they can go f*ck themselves.  We have created vendors and partners we have worked with for two decades, and I'm not going to have some testosterone filled a$$hat screw these relationships up for this organization OR the rest of our excellent crew that knows how to behave.

* When you guys pull a bonehead move like you did last night, IT'S EMBARRASSING!!  What are you, 18 years old??  GROW THE F*CK UP!!!  For Christ sake, I have to watch out for people getting into a fight with opposing fans!  I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE AN ADULT BABYSITTER FOR 2 PEOPLE FROM PHILADELPHIA!  THERE'S NO ROOM FOR IT ON OUR TRIPS AND I WON'T TOLERATE IT.

* And to make it simple, IF ANY OF YOU ACT UP TODAY AT THE TAILGATE, you'll immediately be tossed and if you have a game ticket through us, I'll zap it (and yes, I still can).  If you're flying with us, that ride home is gone, and of course, be banned from future events, and will be named publicly so you can't scar any other travel company that does what we do.

Glad we understand each other here.

On a lighter note, the kids are going to sell shirts in the lobby here at the Marriott from 12-1 PM so if you want to purchase, you don't have to drag them around the tailgate.

Buses for those who booked the hotel package through us leave exactly at 1:45 PM, loading at 1:30 PM!  Tailgate starts at 2:30 PM everyone!  Remember, "CUTOFF," NOT "DRIVE," to get where we are!




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