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EVERYONE, GETTING CLOSER HERE BUT YOU WON'T HEAR FROM US AGAIN UNTIL A FEW DAYS AFTER THE DALLAS GAME!  Please hold off on all questions as we will send out an "everything you want to know" email next week.


*How you want your names to appear on your badges.

*Who you want to sit with at the game.


Understand we get our tickets from the Chiefs.  We do this so we do not have to worry about fruad in any way.  The Chiefs, however, never give us more than 6 tickets together.  They do 6 tickets together in close proximity to other 6-ticket groupings, but there are never more than 6 opposing fans sitting next to each other that they control.  I know...f**king weird.

For groups larger than 6, we can keep you close, just not more than 6 together.

Tickets are all digital and will be sent out the week of the trip.

Get that info to Stef please!



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