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Hope all of you are well and excited for today!  It appears as though this game is NOT going to be the season opener, so I need you to follow very explicit instructions:

* You were the first to get in deposits for any game.  When the schedule is released later, if you want to switch to another game, let us know immediately.  We will add you to THAT game in the front of the line so you get your first choice of flights, etc.

* If you want a refund, do NOT give us that info until next Friday, May 19th!  We aren't going to do a single thing with refunds right now as we are releasing NINE game packages and a Carribean BYE -WEEK trip over the next few days.  If you request a refund, we won't have time and it will get lost in a littany of emails we will receive over the next week!

Thank you for following this.  Orders@greenlegion.com if you want to switch your trip to another and let us know that as soon as possible.




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