About Us

About Us

Founded in June of 2003, The Green Legion was built from the ground up!! There were no "Likes" purchases. No "paid advertising." It was built organically over two decades of event promotion and the hard work of many people grinding the streets and providing endless amounts of quality entertainment!!

After running over 150 trips to Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers games, we know EVERY part of EVERY city and BECAUSE WE ARE THE LARGEST, the biggest and best entertainment venues want to work with us EVERY time!! That just means the BEST time for you!! Look at everything we pack into a trip and all at affordable prices!

We also have the BEST PEOPLE!! We have seen groups of 2 turn into groups of 80!! The family continues to grow, even forming their own groups within our's. You have probably seen them on Facebook..."Bird Gang for Life - Green Legion Legends!" It's truly amazing to have such excellent people getting to know other excellent people. It makes all of this worth doing! At the end of the day, the friends you make and the memories you share are worth every penny!!

AND WE ARE ALWAYS LOUDER!!! I don't care what venue we're in!! GIve me 100 Green Legion Crazies and I'll give you a grim reaper costume and a sickle to drop when we start our E - A - G - L - E - S EAGLES chant!!

It doesn't get any better!! JOIN US!!!