2020 The Green Legion Invades Dallas



Early Bird Deposits are for those traveling or self-travel ONLY!! NO GAME DAY PACKAGES (Ticket & Tailgate or Tailgate Only)!! 
Game Day Packages will be released closer to the start of the season (check back for ETA)!!




2020 Early Bird Deposits FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of putting down an Early Bird Deposit?
A: We have hundreds of Legionnaires all over the world who join us on the road and already know where they're going with us this year. These deposits hold their spot in line so they get their hotel and/or flight preference once the NFL schedule is released in late April and get a leg up on their payment schedule. Once the NFL schedule is released, we contact the Early Birds first and confirm what they want before moving to our other guests.
Q: I want to stay with the Green Legion, but I don't need airfare from Philly/coming from another city to join you, can I still place a deposit?
A: Yes! If you're planning on staying with us but don't need airfare, you can place your deposit now!
Q: I only want to join you guys on Game Day, can I place a deposit for my Ticket & Tailgate or Tailgate Only Package?
A: No! We love everyone who joins us, but we need to take care of our guests first booking flights, hotels, transfers, etc. Our Game Day Packages will be released in early summer and we will announce when they will be available with plenty of lead time. PLEASE refrain from asking about these, it takes time away from our staff who are working to get our travelers squared away and only ends up delaying the release of our Game Day Packages.
Q: I want to go on multiple trips, do I need to put down multiple deposits?
A: Yes, you need to place a deposit for every person in your party, for every trip you're planning on going.
Q: What happens if I place a deposit for one trip but after the NFL schedule comes out I can't make it, can I switch trips?
A: Yes! You can always switch trips after the NFL schedule comes out (for a limited time) if the one you wanted doesn't work for you, without losing your place in line.
Q: If I place a deposit, but find out I can't make it and don't want to go on any others, can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately, no. We do not want to keep your money, but it simply has taken far too much of our staff's time processing refunds when we should be answering your questions and booking your reservations. While we won't be issuing refunds, you can apply your deposit to any other trip this year or in the future, including our Phillies Opening Day Party, any of our Home Tailgate Parties at Xfinity Live, or any of our future events.


EARLY BIRD DEPOSIT $200.00 per person
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The payment schedule for this trip is provided below. Please note that although this is the payment schedule, DO NOT wait to reserve your package since we can (and most of the time do) SELL OUT before the deposit payment deadline. If you would like to pay-in-full up front, thats fine and always appreciated.

Your monies are due by the date specified below. This means that we need to have your credit card payment completed on that day. If your payment is late, especially first deposits, your spot(s) on this trip may not be held, could be released to another person, and your reservation cancelled. We cannot stress enough the importance of getting your payments in on time.

If you have questions or need to make special arrangement, please just ask us. We are here to help you and will try to accommodate as best we can.

Payment Amount Deadline
EARLY BIRD DEPOSIT $200.00/person 4/17/2020 12:00 PM