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The Green Legion: Eagles Road Trips, Tailgates & Away Game Travel Packages


From Los Angeles to London and EVERY spot in between, we have run the trip of a lifetime for a Philly sports' fan!! We are the Biggest, Best, and LOUDEST, and everyone knows it!! Experience it for yourself!!

Over 20-years of experience in:

Road trips
Tailgate Parties

Why Choose The Green Legion?

Proudly serving Philadelphia sports fans for over 20-years to deliver the ultimate away game fan experience for Eagles road trips and tailgates!

Eliminate Hassle

Flights (optional), hotels, bar crawls, Pep Rally parties, airport and gameday transfers, the BEST Tailgating, and your game ticket!! We plan it all!

Who Can Experience?

You can fly with us or just get to the hotel on your own! ANYONE from ANYWHERE in the world can be part of a Green Legion Travel Package!

Flexible Payment Plans

We know not everyone can pay for a trip up front, especially with the recent economic situations. You still have that option but you can also take advantage of a 3 installment plan!

What Our Biggest Fans are sayingWe're more than fans, we're family!